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Name day: Arnold, Levente

Science Center (Museum) (Debrecen)

The center offers exciting adventures and life experience for all ages. Games and entertainment are combined with learning in Agora; children and adults can learn about special instruments, scientific curios and may be part of the unique and spectacular experiments. In the laboratories of the three-storey modern building, visitors can understand the wonders of physics, chemistry, biomedical, hydrobiology, get botany and robotics, but also can examine the phenomena of the sky at the observatory.
< br /> Visitors can try more than thirty scientific instruments in the games and interactive spaces; they can meet Heki, the dog of Professor Öveges, the secrets of the various illusions dissolve, try their reflexes or find their way around the seemingly endless maze Mirror. A mysterious Exploration Zone and a 3D projection room also await visitors, but they can also learn about the cuisine of the future.
Opening hours
Tuesday-Saturday: 10:00-18:00
Ages 4 and higher
Prices (2015)
Adult 1800 Ft 4.60 Euro
Child, pensioner, student 1200 Ft 3.00 Euro
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Móricz Zsigmond ut
4032 Debrecen
+36 (52) 518-620
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Geo: 47.557387,21.616698