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Aquarium (Zoo) (Balatonfüred)

All fish from Lake Balaton in a house and some spectacular aquariums - this is summed up the concept of Bodorka Balaton Aquarium. The place opened in 2014 on the Promenade Tagore of Balatonfüred. In the 17 tanks, all Balaton fish ranging from the few centimeters normal Alver to the larger bream to the huge catfish, including the Bodorka (roach), the species to which the place was named. There are touch screens next to each tank, which describe the inhabitants.

In the sign of the brotherhood there are three guest rooms with species of the Adriatic housed here, because the Croatian town of Opatija is a sistercity of Balatonfüred. If you're lucky, you may catch a glimpse of Béla, the European pond turtle in one of the outdoor pools. The interactive cinema in the heart of downtown, you can also watch an educational film about the flora and fauna of Lake Balaton.
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All ages
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Tagore sétány
8230 Balatonfüred
+36 (87) 200-120
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