1 Euro ==> 391.90 Ft
Name day: Jeno

Kirobban (Escape Room) (Budapest)

The main control room of our nuclear power plant was fatally damaged. Our engineers were working day and night to eliminate the error, but all of their efforts fell through. Therefore, we need your help here! Only you and your team of 3-5 people can prevent the catastrophe!

Your task will be to restore an abandoned, auxiliary control room. If you were to fail, the power plant will explode, however, we believe that you are capable of saving the world. Due to the vicinity of the reactor, you can only spend one hour inside without getting radiation poisoning. However, we can guarantee you will think back to this challenge with happy memories.
Opening hours
Ages 12 and higher
Prices (2015)
Per room 12000 Ft 30.60 Euro
Sights nearby (distance approximately)
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Elevenpark in Budapest 0.8 km 2 min.
Strike Bowling Club in Budapest 1.2 km 3 min.
Hungarian Museum for science and technology in Budapest 1.3 km 3 min.
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Ludwig Museum - Museum of contemporary art in Budapest 4.1 km 7 min.
Museum about the history of mills in Budapest 4.1 km 7 min.
Hengermalom u. 3
1117 Budapest
+36 (70) 413-8525
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Last change:  18-01-2015
Geo: 47.462003,19.04366