1 Euro ==> 391.90 Ft
Name day: Henrik, Roland

Para Park (Escape Room) (Budapest)

Descend into the ParaPark vault to learn the secrets of an old basement in Pest! The only place in the city where you get to stay even after closing time! ParaPark is a captivating place - it will hold you captive, unless you find your way out through solving puzzles and cracking mysteries! The rules are simple: once you're inside you'll have 60 minutes to get out. But to do that you'll need to thoroughly examine every inch of the chambers of the vault and - most importantly - you'll have to work as a team! (A team of minimum 2 and maximum 5 people, by the way...). ParaPark has 5 chambers, divided on 2 places (other adress is 1132 Budapest, Visegrádi utca 29): Crime scene `95, Studio Nr 113 (postboxes), FOURTH ELEMENT (fireplace), 9-Gateway (poster), P2 - The Day of the Exam.
Opening hours
Ages 12 and higher
Prices (2015)
Per room 9000 Ft 23.00 Euro
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Vajdahunyad utca 4
1081 Budapest
+36 (20) 626-2471
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Last change:  03-01-2015
Geo: 47.488851, 19.073314