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Name day: Tekla, Líviusz

Korda Filmpark (Sight) (Etyek)

The Korda Film Park is the first film based movie park in Central Eastern Europe. In the film park famous movies such as Hellboy 2 and Season of the Witch have been filmed. During the 2 hour tour in the park, the exhibition on the history of filmmaking and especially in Hungary is displayed. Furthermore, there is a tour around the grounds for an image behind the scenes.

You need to make an online reservation for the tour.
Opening hours
Wednesday-Sunday: 10:00-18:00
Monday-Tuesday closed
Ages 3 and above
Prices (2012)
Adult Wednesday-Friday 2500 Ft 6.90 Euro
Adult weekends 3000 Ft 8.30 Euro
Child/pensioner Wednesday-Friday 1900 Ft 5.20 Euro
Child/pensioner weekends 2300 Ft 6.40 Euro
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Alcsúti út
2091 Etyek
+36 (22) 556-002
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