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Aquincum Museum (Museum) (Budapest)

Aquincum two thousand years ago was a city on the northern area where Budapest is now located. In the museum (one of the largest archaeological sites in Hungary) ruins of this ancient city can be seen. Besides the ruins there are many items to see which are found in the excavations: coins, animal bones, bone tools, a large lapidarium with over 1000 items as tombstones and memorial stones. The biggest attraction is the Roman water organ, from which the parts are here and a copy that works. Besides the exhibitions events are often organized to show what life was like in Roman times. In the Winter the archeological park is closed (reduced fares).
Opening hours
1 November-14 April: 10:00-16:00
15 April-31 October: 09:00-18:00
Monday closed
All ages
Prices (2013)
Adult 1600 Ft 4.10 Euro
Child 800 Ft 2.00 Euro
Family day-ticket (2 adults + 2 children) 3200 Ft 8.20 Euro
Pensioner 800 Ft 2.00 Euro
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Szentendrei út 139
1031 Budapest
+36 (1) 430-1081
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