1 Euro ==> 389.73 Ft
Name day: Magdolna

Bella Zoo Park (Zoo) (Siófok)

The zoo provide the animals appropriate attention and care, and they keep them according to the rules. The guests can find a club place on the first floor of the main building, as well as a big terrace with a spectacular view. In the garden they can find wooden garden furniture, grill, pasture and petting zoo, where you can see: camels, lamas, alpaccas, horses, ponys, mini-ponys, donkeys, goats, sheeps, zebus, peacocks, parrots, emus, cats, rabbits and many more are waiting the dear guests.

Horse, pony and camel riding is available for children with an attendant.
Opening hours
All ages
Prices (2018)
Adult 1000 Ft 2.60 Euro
Child 800 Ft 2.10 Euro
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Verebesi u. 35.
8600 Siófok
+36 (30) 939-6006
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Last change:  28-01-2018
Geo: 46.9160041,18.1082502