1 Euro ==> 389.73 Ft
Name day: Magdolna

Hullámfürdő (Swimming pool) (Pécs)

A pool in the center of Pécs. Outside (the beach) there are two pools, a pool of 33 meters and a wave pool (that's where the name also came from). Every hour the waves are coming in the bath. Inside there is a 50 meter pool and a teaching pool. There is unfortunately no children pool. There is a playground with a climbing wall. There are two cafeterias.
Opening hours
Beach in Summer: 09:00-19:00
Swimming pool: (Inside): 06:00-22:00
All ages
Prices (2012)
Adult 1000 Ft 2.60 Euro
Child (4-14 years) 560 Ft 1.40 Euro
Student, pensioner 820 Ft 2.10 Euro
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Szendrey Júlia u. 7.
7623 Pécs
+36 (72) 512-935
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Last change:  24-06-2012
Geo: 46.072757,18.21974