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Name day: Tünde

Westernhorse Stable (Horseriding) (Bekölce)

Hungary has numerous unpaved roads, also in Bekölce. These roads can be used freely for horse riding.

Riding with your horse through unspoiled nature, where chances are good that roe deer, storks, pheasants, hares, etc. can be spotted. ItR17;s a tremendous experience to discover this wide nature area on a horseback.

You can do trails with us from 1,5 of 2 to 4 hours.

For day trails we have a minimum of 4 riders. There are also possibilities of taking lessons.
Sights nearby (distance approximately)
Vidámpark in Bélapátfalva 10.1 km 14 min.
Suvadás Liget in Arló 14.3 km 19 min.
X-trém bob in Szilvásvárad 16.3 km 22 min.
Kalanderdő Kalandpark in Szilvásvárad 16.4 km 22 min.
Forestrymuseum in Szilvásvárad 19.0 km 27 min.
Fényes Puszta Lovarda in Recsk 23.8 km 26 min.
Bükkszéki Gyógyfürdő in Bükkszék 26.2 km 30 min.
Minaret in Eger 26.4 km 31 min.
City under a city in Eger 28.0 km 33 min.
István Dobó castle museum in Eger 28.3 km 33 min.
Beke Ut 252
3343 Bekölce
+36 (36) 816-084
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Geo: 48.081925,20.250932