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Kisnanai Castle (Castle) (Kisnana)

In the picturesque southeastern part of the Mátra Mountains lies the village Kisnána. The most famous landmark of the village is the castle of the family Kompolti. On the remains of the original walls, the gate tower, spire and oudtoren can see that the castle dates from the distant past.

The family Kompolti derives from the Aba's against the Tatars and its protective and gradually expanded to house a noble home.

The castle was never Kisnána reinforced with external towers or bastions, but high and strong walls provided sufficient protection against the unexpected attacks.

The family Kompolti was followed by the family Losonczy. László More, one of the nation's largest employers robbers, belonged to this family. In the sixteenth century it was feared by the national horse thief More László taken. With inhuman cruelty, he and his bandits both Turks and Hungarians and Germans robbed.

He has a power together until he robbed the anger of the Pasha of Buda on has been declared and felt compelled to flee to the castle Kisnána. The groups of the pasha him also followed here. László More, then a ruse invented, he has gold on the scattered groups of the pasha, counting on his greed. The Turks were not to deceive him and taken to Constantinople, to the infamous prison of the Seven anger. Since 1962, excavations are taking place and the guard rebuilt. Now the castle ruins to visit, and was in the house below the castle to see a collection of folklore.

In the village is still alive the legend according to which the treasures of László More anywhere in the castle are buried. To date, however, have not found anything ... ...
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3264 Kisnana
+36 (37) 324-065
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