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Camaldolese Hermitage (Sight) (Majkpuszta)

This is the only remaining Central European Camaldolese monastery. The area was by Count József Eszterházy donated to the monastery. The buildings were based on a building plan of Franz Anton Pilgram. Within the surrounding 20 cells are the baroque church and the U-shaped main building. The monks who lived here, have vowed silence, they were 2 times a year exempted: at Christmas and Easter. Their lives followed strict rules: They began the day with a Mass, then in prayer and then they were engaged in theoretical sciences. To keep fit they worked in the garden and kept them engaged in silver and wood carvings. The monastery was dissolved by Emperor Joseph II in 1782 because of the lack of creative activities. Then the building was largely destroyed and then came into the possession of the Eszterházy family. Morice Eszterházy has turned into a hunting lodge, and an English garden. Today the cells, the dining room of the castle and the church visited by tourists.

The tour is given on every hour.
Opening hours
1 April-31 October: 10:00-18:00
1 November-31 March: Friday-Sunday: 10:00-18:00
Ages 12 and higher
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Majki utca
2840 Oroszlány-Majkpuszta
+36 (34) 360-971
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