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Name day: Örs, Stella

Avasi kilátó (Panoramaview) (Miskolc)

The tower is 72 meters high and serves as a TV transmission tower. On 10 meters is an open terrace to view the surroundings. Of the neighborhood is Miskolc as well as the hills around it to see. At 15 meters there is a cafe. The terrace is open.
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Sights nearby (distance approximately)
Miskolci Városi Szabadidő központ in Miskolc 4.2 km 10 min.
Cinema City Miskolc in Miskolc 4.6 km 10 min.
Miskolc ring Go-karting in Miskolc 4.8 km 11 min.
Barlangfürdő in Miskolctapolca 5.9 km 11 min.
Miskolctapolcai Kalandtúra Park in Miskolctapolca 5.9 km 11 min.
Miskolc bobsleigh in Miskolc 6.0 km 12 min.
Avalonpark in Miskolctapolca 7.0 km 12 min.
Gokart Arena in Miskolc 8.1 km 16 min.
Miskolci Állatkert és Kultúrpark in Miskolc 14.1 km 26 min.
Anna and Sint Stefanus cave in Bükki Nemzeti Park in Lillafüred 16.2 km 27 min.
Mendikás dűlő 1
3501 Miskolc
+36 (30) 311-8089
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Last change:  23-06-2018
Geo: 48.099307,20.775731