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Duna-Ipoly Nemzeti Park (Park) (Budapest)

This park covers 60,314 hectares (of which 16,119 hectares under increased protection) and is located north of Budapest. It includes the mountains of Pilis and Börzsöny, between the Rivers Danube and Ipoly. The national park includes the picturesque bend of the Danube (Danube Bend) and the island of Szentendre. The romantic Börzsöny Mountains is particularly wetland, it has more than 335 sources and many streams with fast flowing water. With its extinct volcanic mountain peaks, deep valleys worn, narrow passes and beautiful rock forms, the Börzsöny is a beautiful area. From the top of the 939 m high mountain Csóványos you can look far into the periphery and from the top of the Hegyes you can see the whole Danube Bend.
All ages
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