1 Euro ==> 393.95 Ft
Name day: Dalma, Izabella

Zamárdi Kalandpark (Adventurepark) (Zamárdi)

Do you like adventure and you are in for a challenge? Bring sure a visit to the adventure park Kaland in Zamárdi. You're about three hours working on the more than 150 obstacles, spread over three age courses, to be overcome. Climbing, climbing, sliding, crawling ... you encounter it all during the adventure. There are also other ways to entertain you like boats on the water (water bumper cars), walking on water in a ball of roll, riding with a train, but they are not in the entry price and you should therefore still pay separately.

And if you're at the end and if you are hungry, you can reach the local pizzeria food.
Opening hours
Summer: 09:00-22:00
Ages 3 and above
Prices (2016)
Adult (over 150 cm) 4200 Ft 10.70 Euro
Child till 130 cm 2500 Ft 6.30 Euro
Junior till 150 cm 3200 Ft 8.10 Euro
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Siófoki út
8621 Zamárdi
+36 (20) 449-6831
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Last change:  10-08-2016
Geo: 46.885664,17.969236