1 Euro ==> 391.90 Ft
Name day: Örs, Stella

Dávodi Gyógy- és Strandfürdő (Swimming pool) (Dávod)

This pool was built in 2007 and enlarged in 2009. There is a double thermal bath, two children's pools, one has two child slides, water sprays and mushrooms, the other is an adventure bath with pirates, hedgehogs water, slides and more fun. There is a 33.3 meters swimming pool, it also has a large pool with massage jets, a waterfall and wave power. In addition there is a slidepark with 3 slides, a 22 meter 4-fold slide, a 60 meter long slide in which a band should be used and a 51 meter long slide. There is a buffet / pizzeria. There are a playground and several sports facilities.
Opening hours
All day: 09:00 - 19:00
All ages
Prices (2012)
Adult 1800 Ft 4.60 Euro
Child (4-14 years) 1200 Ft 3.10 Euro
Family card (2 adults + 2 children) 5100 Ft 13.00 Euro
Student, pensioner 1500 Ft 3.80 Euro
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Béke tér 1
6524 Dávod, Püspökpuszta
+36 (79) 481-301
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Last change:  20-05-2012
Geo: 46.004762,18.895558