1 Euro ==> 391.28 Ft
Name day: Frigyes

Marcali Gyógyfürdő (Swimming pool) (Marcali)

The pool consists of 2 parts, an open area built in 2003 and a covered area built in 2008. The open area has a 50 meter bath, 1 thermal bath for sitting, the other pool with more features as neckshowers and a children pool with many elements. The covered area has a 25 meter bath, a thermal bath and a Jacuzzi. There is also a playground with a slide.
Opening hours
All ages
Prices (2012)
Adult 1400 Ft 3.60 Euro
Child, pensioner 950 Ft 2.40 Euro
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Rózsa u. 2/a
8700 Marcali
+36 (85) 515-200
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Geo: 46.593969,17.40292