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Name day: Örs, Stella

Royal palace and castle (Castle) (Visegrád)

The citadel hill of Visegrád exists of three altitudes: bottom with the royal palace, in the middle the Salomon-tower and upper the citadel. The royal palace was one of the most impressive palaces around the end of the 15th centuries under king Matthias. It counted then more than 350 chambers concerning two levels. It has been devastated by the Turks. On the promenade the Hercules well can be seen which is dug out under 15 meters low scree and ground. Salomon-tower descends from the 13th century. This bastion exists from 5 levels and is the best keep Romanesque living tower of Central Europe. As from the citadel on top the view is splendid on the surroundings among which is Slovakia. In the summer on the promenade there are knight games. Furthermore in the royal palace one can find the museum of king Matthias with the original treasures from the palace and tower.
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2025 Visegrád
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