1 Euro ==> 389.73 Ft
Name day: Magdolna

Sárospatak Város Termálfürdő (Swimming pool) (Sárospatak)

It is a very large pool with a total of 6 baths. It has a large thermalbath from 2004 with different levels, this is nice and spacious. There is a relatively new beautiful children bath which consists of two parts: a baby bath and a pool for the older children. There are also several other heated pools. The pools are absolutely beautiful and all new. There is a large meadow, but there is very little grass (more) to find. There are two entrances, which is useful, sometimes it is very busy. Around both entrances are shops and restaurants concentrated. Sanitary facilities are fairly good. There are lounge chairs available for free but be there early because there aren't that many. The pool is a lot visited by Poles and Slovakians. In 2009 the bath is renewed.
Opening hours
Dayly open from 08:00-20:00 Hours (Friday till 19:00 Hours)
Prices (2014)
Adult 900 Ft 2.30 Euro
Adult after 16:00 550 Ft 1.40 Euro
Child, student, pensioner 650 Ft 1.70 Euro
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Határ u. 2
3950 Sárospatak
+36 (47) 655-317
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Last change:  03-02-2014
Geo: 48.329523,21.58038