1 Euro ==> 391.90 Ft
Name day: Henrik, Roland

Püspökladányi Gyógyfürdő (Swimming pool) (Püspökladány)

This is a simple pool. Inside there are thermal baths, outside there is a 25 meter bath, a swimming pool, 2 thermal baths and a children pool. There is also a beautiful play ground. There is also a sauna and there are therapies available. In the winter only the inside baths are open.
Opening hours
Daily: 08:00-19:00
Prices (2012)
Adult 900 Ft 2.30 Euro
Child till 13 years 500 Ft 1.30 Euro
Pensioner, student 700 Ft 1.80 Euro
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Petőfi u. 62
4150 Püspökladány
+36 (54) 450-946
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Last change:  30-12-2012
Geo: 47.321697,21.103390