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Name day: Örs, Stella

Király Gyógyfürdő (Swimming pool) (Budapest)

These bathes tribes from the time of the Turks, construction has started in 1565 and has preserved the bath culture of that time. In 1796, the family König (hence the name) buys the bath. In the Second World war it is devastated. After the war it is completely renovated and is it ready in 1950. Water comes of the Lukács Gyógyfürdő. There are 4 thermal pools rising in temperature of 26 up to 40 degree Celsius. It is a real thermal bath, less suitable for children. Since 2011 is this bath a mixed bath.
Opening hours
All days: 09:00-21:00
Ages 14 and above
Prices (2012)
Dayticket adult 2300 Ft 5.90 Euro
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Fő u. 84
1027 Budapest
+36 (1) 202-3688
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Geo: 47.5107,19.0381