1 Euro ==> 393.95 Ft
Name day: Dalma, Izabella

Aquaworld aquapark (Waterpark) (Budapest)

This is the largest swimming pool of Central Europe. The swimming pool exists from several parts. The central heart forms the adventure center, which lies under a gigantic dome of 72 meters. A replica Angkor temple is surrounded by bridges, towers and swimming pools. As an antagonism there is modern architecture and the technical solutions. There are in total17 swimming pools, of which 15 are open the whole year. There is a separate child part with swimming pools of several depths, playing elements and playing places and playgrounds. There are 11 slides with a total length of almost 1 km. Highest goes of an altitude of 17 meters, but there are also slides for the little ones. Furthermore there are also a mount river, a swell bath and a unique surfbath, for surfing (even competition). There is also a 3 meter diving tower and a 25 meters swimming pool. In the summer there is a beach with open-air bathes there. Also there s a sauna part with all well-known saunas and a snow chamber for real cooling.

There is a free shuttle-bus between the swimming pool and the Heroes square between 10 hour and 20:30 hour.
Opening hours
All year open: 06:00-22:00
All ages
Prices (2019)
Adult 3 hours 4290 Ft 10.90 Euro
Adult evening (18:00-22:00) 3690 Ft 9.40 Euro
Adult swimticket (06:00-09:30) 1900 Ft 4.80 Euro
Adult whole day 6390 Ft 16.20 Euro
Children (Ages 3 till 14) 3 hours 2290 Ft 5.80 Euro
Children (Ages 3 till 14) evening (18:00-22:00) 1590 Ft 4.00 Euro
Children (Ages 3 till 14) whole day 2990 Ft 7.60 Euro
Students/pensioners 3 hours 3590 Ft 9.10 Euro
Students/pensioners evening (18:00-22:00) 2990 Ft 7.60 Euro
Students/pensioners swimticket (06:00-09:30) 1500 Ft 3.80 Euro
Students/pensioners whole day 5190 Ft 13.20 Euro
Children under the age of 3 free
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Ives út 16
1044 Budapest
+36 (1) 2313-621
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Geo: 47.5987,19.110503