1 Euro ==> 391.28 Ft
Name day: Endre, Elek

Három Sziget Kalandpark (Adventurepark) (Tordas)

A climbing park with three tracks at different heights: up to 130cm for small children, up to 5 meters for children up to 140cm and up to 10 meters for anyone who dares. It is 8000m2 big and it has a total of 84 obstacles. There is also a rope to slip off of 500 meters long, which goes over the lake. There is also a large playground.
Opening hours
Ages 3 and above
Prices (2013)
Adult 3200 Ft 8.20 Euro
Child, pensioner 2200 Ft 5.60 Euro
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Öreghegyi út
2463 Tordas
+36 (30) 327-7279
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Last change:  06-07-2013
Geo: 47.343948,18.764936