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Name day: Arnold, Levente

Museum of train lamps (Museum) (Fertőszéplak)

A museum with the private collection with lamps of and for trains. There are lamps from more than 20 countries (also the Netherlands). There are more than 250 lamps with as specialty the unique lamps of the Hungarian railways. There are a lot of unique lamps and one after the other have been splendidly repaired.
Opening hours
1 May-30 September: Tuesday-Saturday: 11:00-17:00
All ages
Prices (2016)
Adult 500 Ft 1.30 Euro
Child 300 Ft 0.80 Euro
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Soproni út 13
9436 Fertőszéplak
+36 (99) 340-556
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Geo: 47.615551, 16.830208