1 Euro ==> 391.28 Ft
Name day: Frigyes

Zamardiring Go-karting (Go-karttrack) (Zamárdi)

Track with a length of 550 meters. There is one type of kart, a normal kart with a seatbelt. The track is not entirely smooth, there is a slight slope in it. The times of the karts can be provided so the fastest time for yourself, but also of your opponents can be seen afterwards.

At the beginning of the road lies a mini kart track for kids till about 8 years.
Opening hours
1 May-30 October: all days: 10:00-22:00
From 8 years
Prices (2015)
1 run (8 minutes) 2500 Ft 6.40 Euro
Sights nearby (distance approximately)
Zamárdi Kalandpark in Zamárdi 0.5 km 57 sec.
Worldwars museum in Zamárdi 0.5 km 2 min.
Town Beach in Zamárdi 3.3 km 7 min.
Galopp Lovas Üdülőfalu-Kocsi Csárda in Zamárdi 3.7 km 6 min.
Ezüstparti free beach in Siófok 4.8 km 8 min.
Müller Fogadó in Siófok 5.7 km 8 min.
Újhelyi beach in Siófok 6.1 km 9 min.
Tóth Lovascentrum in Siófok 6.6 km 9 min.
Mineralmuseum in Siófok 6.9 km 10 min.
Siómozi in Siófok 6.9 km 10 min.
Siófoki út (tussen Kocsi csarda en de markt) naast hoofdweg nr. 7
8621 Zamárdi
+36 (30) 9460-868
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Last change:  05-12-2015
Geo: 46.885643, 17.974116