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Hungarian Chemical Museum (Museum) (Várpalota)

The museum is housed in the 600 year old medieval castle Thury. The museum aims to search for, collect, preserve, evaluate and present relics of the Hungarian chemical science, education and industry. This now leads to a collection of 8,800 objects, 43,500 industrial historical documents and 18,400 volumes in the library. Permanent exhibitions include the history of the Hungarian chemical industry from the beginning to the modern times, examples metal processing in the Middle Ages in combination with silver and gold mining in Hungary, the Hungarian scientists of alchemy, iatrochemie (forerunner of the pharmacy), the 18th century potassium and nitrate production, the chemistry in the Hungarian reformation (1800-1849) and the development between the two World Wars. Next to the museum there is also a museum on the mining industry with exhibits about lighting, rescue operations, a mineral collection, prehistoric finds and paintings and sculptures on the theme of mines.
Opening hours
1 May-31 October: 11:00-17:00
Monday closed
All ages
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Adult 600 Ft 1.50 Euro
Child 300 Ft 0.80 Euro
Pensioner 300 Ft 0.80 Euro
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8100 Várpalota
+36 (88) 575 670
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