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Name day: Henrik, Roland

Afrika museum (Museum) (Balatonederics)

A museum with a list of trophies and a zoo. The trophies have been shot by Endre Nagy, after being a director of a zoo he settled in Tanzania. In that time he became the most famous hunter of the country. In 1984 he came back and took the most trophies and ethnographic collection with him. These are now exhibit in his familyhouse. The zoo has some African animals, zebras, camels and buffaloes as well as several smaller species. A camel ride is possible. There is a small playground.
Opening hours
1 April till 31 October: 09:00-17:00
All ages
Prices (2014)
Adult 1100 Ft 2.80 Euro
Child (aged 3 till 18) 600 Ft 1.50 Euro
Pensioner 700 Ft 1.80 Euro
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Kültelek 11
8312 Balatonederics
+36 (87) 466-105
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