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Name day: Magdolna

Radio and television museum (Museum) (Diósd)

Museum opened on December 1, 1995 to mark the 70 anniversary of radio broadcasting in Hungary. The museum is located at the short wave antennas from Antenna Hungaria. The building with the transmitter and other buildings are now a museum. The museum contains many transmitters and also studio- and receiving equipment, shipping and military communications, and radio and television. The museum also has an exhibition about the Hungarian Nobel Prize winner (1961) Gyorgy Bekesy, this will be explained through an audio-visual system. Around the building are still to be seen some Hungarian antennas.
Opening hours
1 April-30 October: Wednesday: 10:00-18:00 even weeks
All ages
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Adult 500 Ft 1.30 Euro
Child 250 Ft 0.60 Euro
Pensioner 250 Ft 0.60 Euro
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Kőbányai u. 11
2049 Diósd
+36 (23) 382-372
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