1 Euro ==> 391.90 Ft
Name day: Henrik, Roland

Porcelanium (Museum) (Herend)

The Porcelanium is a museum and a factory in one. The museum has the largest collection of Herend porcelain in the world housed. It gives the history of the beginning of Herend porcelain till today and how the production goes from porcelain. In the mini-factory it is possible to see the making of the entire process of porcelain on a small scale. Furthermore it is still possible to follow a training course for example, to make a rose. A guided tour is included for the Minimanufactory .
Opening hours
8 April-28 October: All days: 09:30-18:00
21 February-7 April: Tuesday-Saturday: 09:30-17:00
30 Oktober21 December: Tuesday-Saturday: 09:30-17:00
Museum closes half an hour earlier
All ages
Prices (2016)
Adult (museum + minifactory) + coffee 2500 Ft 6.40 Euro
Child (museum + minifactory) 1200 Ft 3.10 Euro
Family (museum + minifactory) + coffee 6000 Ft 15.30 Euro
The making of a porcelan rose in 30 minutes. 1600 Ft 4.10 Euro
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Kossuth L. u. 140
8440 Herend
+36 (88) 523-197
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