1 Euro ==> 395.13 Ft
Name day: Arnold, Levente

Dollmuseum, Historical Panoptikum, Snail Parliament, Hororarium (Museum) (Keszthely)

Museum consisting of multiple parts. One part is an exhibition of over 500 dolls in traditional costumes and clothes from all over Hungary. The heads, hands and legs of dolls from porcelain, the body of textiles. In addition there are separate parts with 120 dolls from Transylvania. The second part is a wax museum with about 40 life-size puppets of the main famous Hungarians. A third is the Hungarian parliament building in Budapest build from 4.5 million snail shells (7.5 meters long, 2.5 meters high). It costs 14 years to build. 4Th, there is the Horrorarium in which horrific torture from around the world since the Middle Ages is displayed. As a bouncer there is Dracula and the Hungarian female vampire blood.
Opening hours
All days: 09:00-19:00
All ages
Prices (2015)
Adult (dolls, waxworks and snakes) 500 Ft 1.30 Euro
Adult (horrorarium) 600 Ft 1.50 Euro
Child (dolls, waxworks and snakes) 500 Ft 1.30 Euro
Child (horrorarium) aged till 14 600 Ft 1.50 Euro
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Kossuth L. u. 11
8360 Keszthely
+36 (83) 318-855
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Geo: 46.767852, 17.242656