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Historical Memorial at Mohács, Statue Park (Sight) (Mohács)

Memorial for the battle at Mohacs. These battle in 1526 marked a large defeat for the Hungarians. They were defeated by the Turks and this meant hereafter an suppression of the Turks of more than 150 years. In the battle king Lajos II was killed with 28000 fellow-sufferers. At the Memorial site are many Hungarian grave markers. There are pictures of Lajos II and sultan Suleiman, who defeated Lajos. There is an overview of the battle.
Opening hours
1 April till 31 October: All days: 09:00-18:00
4-99 years
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Child 1200 Ft 3.10 Euro
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In de buurt van Sátorhely
7785 Mohács
+36 (69) 382-130
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