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Aggteleki Nemzeti Park (Park) (Jósvafő)

This park has 19,892 acres (3922 hectares which are under increased protection), in northern Hungary, in the karst area is located Aggtelek. It is since 1995 part of the UNESCO World Heritage. The largest stalactite cave of Europe is situated in this area: The Baradla Cave (26 km long, of which 8 km is in Slovakia, known under the name of Domica). This Baradla-cave in Aggtelek is one of the largest stalactite caves in Europe. According to scientists, this cave is geologically one of the most beautiful places on earth. The cave in Hungary is 17 km long.
Sights nearby (distance approximately)
Largest book in the world in Szinpetri 5.3 km 5 min.
Caves in Aggteleki Nemzeti Park in Aggtelek 6.6 km 9 min.
Kazincbarcikai Városi Strandfürdő in Kazincbarcika 39.8 km 53 min.
Suvadás Liget in Arló 56.3 km 1 hr 7 min.
Cinema City Miskolc in Miskolc 63.6 km 1 hr 9 min.
Miskolc ring Go-karting in Miskolc 64.1 km 1 hr 10 min.
Miskolci Városi Szabadidő központ in Miskolc 64.9 km 1 hr 12 min.
Gokart Arena in Miskolc 66.6 km 1 hr 23 min.
Avalonpark in Miskolctapolca 67.3 km 1 hr 19 min.
Westernhorse Stable in Bekölce 67.5 km 1 hr 21 min.
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