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Bükki Nemzeti Park (Park) (Eger)

Bükk Mountains has more than 25 years the status of National Park. This has mainly been driven by the world famous caves (including the deepest in Europe), but certainly also to the flora and fauna. Bükk is a rugged limestone mountains with steep slopes and forests. The forests has all ages and therefore is very rich with birds. Many species of songbirds and nine species of woodpeckers can be found.

The most characteristic part of the huge limestone formation of the Bükk mountains was Bükk-plateau at 900 m altitude. Fascinating features are the high rocky peaks: the Istállóskö, the Tar-kö, the Or-kö, the három-kö, and the Magos-kö and Örveny-kö. The caves Szeleta, Istállóskö and Suba-Iyuk can boast world-famous archaeological finds from prehistory. With its location on the banks of the mountains surrounded by an idyllic resort Hámorimeer is Lillafüred. A fairytale castle increases the atmosphere of the romantic landscape nature lovers can indulge in two separate caves: the Anna cave with its unique tuff limestone formations and St. Stephen's cave with its medicinal air. During the summer you can take the narrow gauge railway through one of the most beautiful recreation areas of the National Park Bükk, namely the 5 km long, beautiful Szalajka Valley. Where Szalajka river in the seventeen-meter-high waterfall cascading Fátyol flows down, it forms a veil of water. The life of the old coal burners in the valley working in the open air in the forest are presented, and the bones of the primeval bison, the cave bear and mammoth, and a fire place of prehistoric man. These relics have been found by archaeologists in the cave-Istállóskö, it can be reached from Szalajka by foot. In the nearby Csipkeskut grazing herd of the world famous Lipizzaner horses can be found.

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