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Name day: Arnold, Levente

Soczo motor museum (Museum) (Gyomaendrőd)

Elek Soczo grasped the plan on to collect motorcycles as a hobby and for his pleasure. By collecting he came to the conclusion that the old motorcycles appeared irreplaceable and he together with his son made the plan to save the motorcycles for the world. The oldest engine is of 1922 and the youngest of 1989. There are now more than 165 motorcycles (87 marks) and 10 sidecar machines. They repair the engines themselves on the basis of the guide and with original components.
Opening hours
Weekends and holidays: 13:00-18:00
Visit can be made only after an appointment
All ages
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Fő utca 220
5500 Gyomaendrőd
+36 (30) 553-791
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Geo: 46.933033, 20.810144