1 Euro ==> 389.73 Ft
Name day: Magdolna

Municipal Art Museum (Museum) (Győr)

Local art museum withsome major exhibitions, the collection of Miklós Borsos (modern art), Margit Kovács (maker of ceramics) and Peter Váczy (collector of 15th-18th furniture, china porcelain, glass, paintings, carpets). The exhibitions are close to the main building of this museum.
Opening hours
Monday closed
Other days: 10:00-18:00
16-99 years
Prices (2014)
Adult per exhibition 800 Ft 2.10 Euro
Child per exhibition 400 Ft 1.00 Euro
Pensioner per exhibition 400 Ft 1.00 Euro
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Király u. 17
9021 Győr
+36 (96) 322-695
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Geo: 47.688278,17.633228