1 Euro ==> 395.13 Ft
Name day: Arnold, Levente

Art hall, Ernst Museum (Museum) (Budapest)

The purpose of the museum is not only a reminder to the founder Lajos Ernst, but also to be remembered to keep his traditions. It brings modern art and architecture in Hungary together with other artists in the world. It has no permanent exhibition, but varies throughout the year.
Opening hours
Monday closed
Other days: 11:00-19:00
16-99 years
Prices (2013)
Adult 700 Ft 1.80 Euro
Adult together with Mücsarnok (Art hall) 1600 Ft 4.00 Euro
Child (aged 6 till 26) 350 Ft 0.90 Euro
Pensioner (aged 62 till 70) 350 Ft 0.90 Euro
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Nagymező u. 8
1065 Budapest
+36 (1) 341-4355
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