1 Euro ==> 386.88 Ft
Name day: Alfréd

Festetics Imre Zoo (Zoo) (Gyenesdiás)

The 4.2-hectare sized Festetics Zoo in Keszthely opened its doors in the spring of 2012, where rare Hungarian species, as well as a variety of wild species are now shown. There are many useful activities and relaxations to be found. There is also a cafeteria.
Opening hours
Summer: 09:00-19:00
All ages
Prices (2018)
Adult 600 Ft 1.60 Euro
Child (3-6 years) 200 Ft 0.50 Euro
Student, pensioner 400 Ft 1.00 Euro
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Szent Erzsebét ut
8315 Gyenesdiás
+36 (30) 239-9894
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Geo: 46.778972,17.270422