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The use of the highways in Hungary is a mandatory E-vignette. This is different from vignettes in neighboring countries like Slovenia, Austria, Slovakia and Romania, where you must paste a vignette on the windscreen. In Hungary, one must buy a vignette, in which the license plate is recorded. You must keep the receipt thereof and upon request show. This is automatically enforced with cameras on the ramps. One does not need an additional sticker on the windshield to paste. Cars fall into the class D1 and you can only buy vignettes for four days, weekly, monthly or yearly vignette. The cost for one weeks vignette are 2975 HUF, 4780 HUF for one months and 42,980 HUF for one years (2015 prices). One week vignette costs S64; 9 and thus approximately one months vignette S64; 15, depending on the exact exchange rate. More information on  Toll . Since 2015 there is also a region vignette. It costs HUF 5000.

Be aware of 2015 the M0 is not completely toll free anymore. A map of toll roads is here.

Wich roads are tollfree:
* the M31 motorway,
*M85 expressway on its section between Csorna-East junction and the M85-M86 diverging junction
* the Pécs south-west loop section of the M60 motorway between roads no. 58 and 5826,
* the M86 expressway,
* the M8 motorway,
* M9 expressway on its section between Main Road 6 and Main Road 51,
* the Kaposvár loop section of M9 expressway (sign of Main Road 61),
* the section of M4 expressway (sign of Main Road 4) between the road leading from Vecsés to Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport (section between km section 19+550 and km section 20+518),
* the following sections of the M0 expressway:
      -  the section between Main Road 1 and the M5 motorway,
      -  the section between M4 expressway (Main Road 4) and M3,
      -  Megyeri Bridge (the section between Main Road 11 and Main Road 2).

The purchase of a vignette can be made at the border, at petrol stations and customer agencies on some motorways (note the word Matrica). One can also buy the vignette forward all over the Internet (see above URL) or by telephone. When the license plate should be taken to ensure that the intermediate lines are not used in Dutch and behind the badge NL should also be placed (with a space between license plate and NL).


Hungary has an extensive and well-developed road network. The country is an important link between Western and Central Europe to Southern and Eastern Europe.
The country has a very good highway system which is extended every year. All main roads lead to Budapest except 8. The highways are abbreviated with an M prefix, but called autópálya. Today, the first sections of highways were built out to begin or end in Budapest. A significant improvement was the construction of the bypass around Budapest, the M0. Bacause of this road traffic can travel easily around Budapest. The airport is not far from here. For a comprehensive list of motorways you can look at the following site (in German or English):  Motorways and more .

The toll motorways should be paid (except in parts of large cities). See  Toll .


The Turul is a mythological bird. It plays a role in the origin of the Hungarians and Hungary. The bird is probably a large falcon, the word comes from Turkish. It appears twice in the mythology. Once the Hungarians to move to depart from Russia to the current region, another time the Turul conceived Álmos and it is so the basis of the Hungarians.
There is a statue on the hill in Tatabánya (visible from the M1). It is argued that it is maybe the largest bird statue of Europe.